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Talking Fruits:
Fruit Rhymes

Stories about fruits from the book World of Fruits for kids
Story for kids: Cherry bride Cherry Bride
Fairytale Apple Tree Princess Apple-Tree Princess
 Apfelbaumprinzessin Apfelbaumprinzessin
Story for kids about grapes Amazing Grapes
Story for kids about pear A Pear for Penny
Story for kids about plum Plum Brothers
Story for kids: Apricot Apricots & Clever Starling
Story for kids about citrus: Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons Citrus Kingdom story
Story for kids about citrus: Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons Citrus Kingdom Scene
Story for about grapefruit Grapefruit for kids
Story for children Banana Lunch Banana Lunch
Story for children: Fig Fig: 1st Fruit on Earth
Story for kids: Pineapple Miraculous Pineapple
Guava: nursery rhymes, story Feijoa: Gifts of the Sea
Story for kids: Pesimmon Legend of Persimmon
Story for kids: Pomegranats Pomegranats & Wise Man
Story for kids: Peachers Pot and Peach Pit
Story for kids: Quince Wise Quince Jam
Story for kids: Melon Melon of Happiness
Clever funny watermelon Watermelon's Journey
Story for children Kiwi Kiwi from New Zealand
Story for kids: Dates Dates: Vitamin Sweets
Story for kids: Healthy recipes with fruit Healthy Recipes
Nursery rhymes about fruits: funny fruits Nursery Rhymes
Story for kids: Cherry bride Edu project: KIND BOOK

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