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Quince: children story

Quince Jam

Once, a new sort of jam appeared in a shop. The apple jam studied it carefully before speaking proudly to the new arrival:

“Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Apple Jam. I am made from the finest apples. These are beautiful yellow-green apples, and are packed with vitamin C.”

“I am made from the finest harvest of plums in the world,” bragged the plum jam in turn.

“I am happy to be in such esteemed company,” said the new arrival modestly. “My name is Quince Jam.”

Quinces are oddly-shaped yellow fruits aren't they? I heard they are so tough, an axe cannot cut them open,” mocked the apple jam. “I have seen quinces in our orchard before – they grow on such prickly, unattractive bushes. The fruit itself was so bitter and acidic that when the master's son bit into one, he spat it out straight away.”

Fruit jam: apple jam, quince jam

“You are wrong,” replied the quince confidently. “We are a beautiful fruit. Our bright red flowers and fragrant aroma are a source of delight for many people. We are grown in Japan for our scent alone.”

Fruit from Japan: Quince
The quince jam's reply was interrupted by the arrival of a customer.

“Do you have any quince jam?” asked the customer. “I have never come across a more delicious jam in all my life.”

With these words, the jars of apple and plum jam trembled on the shelf. The shopkeeper quickly pushed them to one side and reached for a jar of quince jam.

“Please do come again,” said the shopkeeper to the customer. “We are expecting a delivery of cherry jam soon.”

“Thank you, but quince jam is the tastiest of all! When quinces are preserved, they contain a high concentration of pectin – a substance which can be used to make a poison antidote. That, my dear, is very important to me,” replied the talkative customer.

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