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Fruit Nursery Rhymes online


Poetry Nursery rhymes: Fruit & Berries



Fruit Rhyme CHERRY

Cherries, cherries, ruby red,
want to try one? Go ahead!
Cherry pie or cherries jubilee,
find the pit and plant a cherry tree.
They'll stain your mouth and hands bright red,
so never eat cherries under the covers in bed.
Rhyme Cherry

Fruit Rhyme: APPLES

Apples - yellow, red and green,
we bob for apples at Halloween.
Apple juice and apple pie,
applesauce is fun to try.
Crunchy apples - have a bite!
A slice of apple is pure delight.
Fruit Rhymes Apple

Fruit Rhyme BANANA

Monkeys eat me, kids do too.
Gorillas love me, how 'bout you?
It's fun to tug my yellow peel,
my creamy insides to reveal.
At camp you roast banana boats,
chocolate and gooey, sliding down your throats.
By myself I make a healthy snack,
potassium power in your lunch sack.
Rhyme Banana

Fruit Rhyme GRAPES

Luscious grapes grow by the bunch.
Grapes are easy to pack for lunch.
In an arbor, on a vine,
red or green, they taste just fine.
Some have seeds, but others don't.
Turn down a grape? I know I won't!
You know what I think is most fun?
Just sit and eat them, one by one.
Rhyme Grapes


I look like a tomato, but we're not the same.
Mr. Persimmon is my name.
If you eat me too early you won't like me at all.
You have to be patient and wait 'till the fall.
If you wait 'till I'm ripe, I'm super sweet,
juicy and drippy, a bit messy to eat.
I have lots of fiber and vitamin A.
Once you taste me you'll ask for me every day.
Just sit and eat them, one by one.
Rhyme Persimmon

Fruit Rhyme APRICOT

A small orangish fruit, a cousin of the peach,
a big stone in the middle can be found in each.
Not overly juicy, not so messy to eat,
apricot season is short; that's what makes them a treat.
Fuzzy on the outside, lots of vitamin A below,
Turkey, Greece, Armenia is where they grow.
Nursery Rhyme Apricot

Fruit Rhyme FEIJOA

A tiny avocado? No, I'm not!
I'm a feijoa and I grow where it's hot.
Pineapple guava is my other name.
South America, New Zealand is whence I came.
I'm soft and sweet; eat me with a spoon.
But I'm bitter ‘till fall, so don't pick me too soon.
My flower petals also taste fine.
I invite you, children, come and dine.
Feijoa nursery rhyme


They grow so big and heavy! Be careful not to drop!
That'd make an awful mess; you'd have to find a mop.
But some cold watermelon on a hot afternoon?
That's better than ice-cream in August or June.
To pickle the rind, you must first scrape it clean.
Don't forget to roast the seeds. That's fine cuisine!
fruit poem: nursery rhyme Watermelon

Fruit Poetry FIGS


I am sweet and chewy; I have dark purple skin.
When you cut me open, I'm full of seeds within.
Figs come from Egypt, where it's always hot.
Try me fresh or dried - you'll like me a lot.
I've lots of calcium to keep your bones tough.
So let's all eat fig jam - I never get enough!

Fig nursery rhyme

Fruit Rhyme CITRUS

You know us at once by our thick, dimply skin.
In the family of citrus, we are all kin.
The grapefruit, the lemon, the orange, and the lime,
the tangerine, the mandarin, kumquat and clementine.
Peel us, and section us, and take out each seed,
then slurp us right down; we're juicy indeed.
Our acidy tartness can make a nice drink.
Maybe tomorrow at breakfast, what do you think?
We grow where it's warm; we're no friend of frost.
One sudden cold snap and our fruit could be lost.
Farewell, runny nose! Common cold, wave goodbye!
On our vitamin C you can safely rely.
Nursery rhyme Oranges




Pineapples live on a tropical isle.
They're hard to open, but very worthwhile!
You'll need something sharp; their skin is so tough.
They're prickly and thorny and really quite rough.
But their insides are super sweet,
bright yellow and juicy and fun to eat.

Nursery rhyme Pineapple


My outsides are hard; you can't eat my skin,
only the seeds you find within.
I come from India and I'm good for your heart.
My seeds sometimes are sweet and sometimes are tart.
A girl named Persephone sure liked me a lot.
Perhaps she ate more pomegranate than she really ought.
Pomegranate nursery rhyme

Nursery Rhyme QUINCE

I look like a yellow pear, and he's my distant kin.
But you must cook me ‘till I'm soft;
your teeth can't pierce my skin.
Boiled I make a lovely jam; I'm also good for a cold.
Or if you get a sore throat, quince tea's as good as gold.
Quince nursery rhyme

Nursery Rhyme DATES

Dates hang down from leafy palms,
in the Middle East.
When they go from red to soft and brown,
you know it's time to feast.
An ancient food and super sweet,
try them fresh or dried.
You know it's not so hard to do,
close your eyes and open wide.

Nursery Rhyme MELONS

All summer in the sun I lay,
but on your tongue I melt away.
Whether stretched out long or nice and round,
a sweeter taste cannot be found.
I am a melon , have we met?
A bite of me you'll not forget.
Melon nursery rhyme

Fruit Nursery Rhyme LEMONS

I put the pucker in lemonade.
I'm a little sour, that's how I'm made.
But if you forget to wear your coat,
or find yourself with a sore throat,
Well, the common cold is my foe.
Lemons work hard when there's ice and snow.
I'm round and yellow, like the sun,
and vitamin C? I have a ton.
Lemon nursery rhyme

Nursery Rhyme KIWI

Underneath my bristly skin,
My luscious fruit is housed within.
I'm full of seeds; my flesh is green.
I've the prickliest skin you've ever seen.
Kiwi, kiwi is my name.
My juicy insides are my fame.
Of vitamins I've got a store.
Come children, won't you try some more?
Nursery rhyme Kiwi

Fruit Nursery Rhyme PEACH

Hey children, don't you want to try,
A fuzzy tennnis ball like I?
Beneath my somewhat woolly skin,
You'll find I'm sweetness deep within.
Home in the south I'm warm as toast.
I don't like cold, I'd rather roast.
At my birth I was Chinese.
There my fruit blossoms on peach trees.
Peach nursery rhyme


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the poetry lines above (nursery rhymes),
composed and recited by Leigh Mosley (CV) >>

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