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Kingdoms Citrus

In the kingdom of citrus there arose quite a row,
Whose fruit was the best? We must settle it now!

The earl of the LEMONS shouted, “We are the best!
With the most vitamin C, WE have been blessed.”

Lemon nursery rhyme



“Ha, ha,” mocked the ORANGE, “we're sweeter than you!
And much more popular. You know that it's true.
Who would want a sour, yellow fruit,
when you can have sweetness and vitamins, to boot?”

Nursery rhyme Oranges


The Earl of Tangerinia could no longer keep still
and joined in the fight. Their voices grew shrill.

“I'm more healthful for people!” “No, I keep them well!”
“Orange blossoms are known for their fragrant smell!”

“MY juice will soothe a sore throat!”
Each fruit demanded a chance to gloat.

Kingdom Citrus, Limonia, Organia
King Citrus the Great had to put his foot down.
“Stop this nonsense at once!” he said with a frown.

“You each have your virtues, and your differences, too.
But you're all quite nutritious, so this quarrel is through.
Vitamin C's in us all, we're filled to our brim.
To those who enjoy us, we give vigor and vim.”


From that day on, the fruits squabbled no longer,
but joined in the task to make us all stronger.
When we reach for a citrus, we should keep in mind
what a wonderful store of nutrition we find.


Composed by Leigh Mosley.


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