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Healing Pomegranate


Story & Rhymes about Pomegranate

Pomegranate & the Wise Man


There was a small pavilion under the pomegranate tree in the heart of the garden. An old man, who was the Master of the garden, picked a few round mahogany coloured fruit from the tree. After cutting one of them open, he was astonished to find many angular seeds all covered with a strange film. These crimson colour seeds tasted sour and juicy.

The King himself was coming to visit the old man to ask for advice, so the Master wanted to provide him with a treat of this wonderful pomegranate juice.  Everyone in the city knew and respected the wise Old Man. The King had asked him to become his Chief Adviser many times, but the Old Man would always refuse this request saying: “Your Majesty, the people need me. They won't go to the palace to ask for advice; however, whether you are rich or poor, you need good advice”.

The King and the Wise Man talked for a long while in the cozy pavilion, drinking sweet and sour pomegranate juice.  Then the King asked “Who taught you to be so wise?

Even all my ministers envy your wisdom and peacefulness. How do you always find peace?”

Pomegranate fruitThe Wise Man pointed at the pomegranate tree and said: “It is all due to the Tree. The Pomegranate Tree is a wise, god-like tree. We have an old saying: ‘Eat pomegranates - they take envy away from your soul'.  Tsar Solomon, famous for his wisdom, planted an entire garden of pomegranate trees for himself.”

“I must suggest to my ministers that they plant a pomegranate orchard, so that they too will grow wiser,” said the king.

While they were saying goodbye, the wise man handed the king a branch from a pomegranate tree, and said to him, "Whittle the end to a point, Your Majesty, and plant it in the ground outside the palace. My teacher gave me a branch just like this one many years ago. I didn't know anything about pomegranates back then. At first I didn't even think it was a tree, but a bush, since it was not much taller than I was. It was only when my bush bloomed in bright red flowers that I understood what a wonderful tree my teacher had given me."

"Thank you for the gift," said the king. "I will give this branch to my gardener, and have him plant it in my garden."

“Your Majesty, my old teacher once told me: “If you wish the tree to help you, you must plant it yourself and take care of it as you would of a child. The pomegranate is a heat-loving and delicate tree. In winter it must be covered and you must pour more soil around it. The warmer the tree is in winter, the more delicious and curative are its fruits.”

“My teacher has studied the healing properties of the pomegranate during his entire life and has written a book on the subject. The person that drinks pomegranate juice is not afraid of cough, tonsillitis, malaria, not even of scurvy”. The wise man ended his speech and handed the book to the king while bowing.

The king returned to the palace in a good mood. Only one thing confused him: how he, the king, could plant a tree on his own. He gathered his ministers and asked them how to proceed with the advice of the wise man, while not losing his dignity.

Pomegranate remedies“It's obvious, Your Majesty, that you have been drinking very little juice”, calmly replied the wise man. “Every week I'll send you a pitcher of juice and a basket of fresh fruits. Eat them along with the skins, and not a trace of your cough will remain. I will also give you a powder made from pomegranate seeds - the best remedy for rapid heartbeat and chest pain. You will dry out the pomegranate peels, take them apart, cook them and drink the juice every day. In a couple of weeks you will forget where your stomach is.

The pomegranates will give you your health back, and you'll be able to lead the kingdom for many years to come”.

The king took the pomegranate remedies and asked the wise man to come to the castle for a meeting with his ministers. When they were all gathered, the king said sternly to his ministers, “You, as royal advisors, are supposed to be healthy, but you're constantly sick. Come on then, tell me; what's wrong with you all?”

The ministers blushed and began, one after the other, to tell the king about their ailments. One had bleeding gums, another – kidney stones and a third had a leg ulcer that simply would not heal. The king listened to them all and then turned to the wise man.

“What do you recommend for my ministers?”

“Pomegranate will cure all these illnesses quickly. Broth made from pomegranate's bark will strengthen the gums, a glass of pomegranate juice taken every day for a month will dissolve the kidney stones, and powder made from dried pomegranate peel will heal the ...


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