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There's a multi-coloured bridge
Spread across a little stream,
With its seven sparkling colours
It's like something from a dream.

It was our friend Number Seven,
Who gave us this rainbow,
To put a smile on people's faces,
Everywhere they go.



to accompany

  • Name all the colours of the rainbow. Which is your favourite?
  • Ask your mummy to write the seven days of the week in an exercise book, then think of something interesting to do on each day. Don’t write the same thing twice.
  • Imagine you are walking across a little rainbow-coloured bridge. Describe it.
  • • Which of the rainbow’s seven colours are cold, hot, and bright?

Nursery rhymes 'FUNNY NUMBER SEVEN'

Number Seven found seven notes,
And gave them seven sounds.
The musical notes started to sing,
And Number Seven danced around.

How many days make up a week?
The answer is seven, you know.
They come one after the other,
Seven days all in a row!


Questions to accompany the poem 'Funny Number Seven'

  • What colours would you paint seven musical notes?
  • Make up short stories about musical notes coming to visit human beings.
  • Why do you think there are seven days in the week?
  • Colour in Number Seven as a human being.
Musical rainbow

with colouring pages

"The seven colours of the rainbow"

As the rain finished falling, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. Two boys spotted the rainbow and started arguing:

‘The most beautiful colour in the rainbow is red, because I have a red bike. It would be good if the whole rainbow was red,' one boy said.

‘No, the whole rainbow should be green. My favourite toy car is green,' the second boy said.

They argued for a long time, each one thinking their colour was the best.

When she heard the boys arguing, the rainbow felt upset. She had always thought people loved all seven of her colours. The rainbow was so hurt, she faded away completely, and people became sad.

‘What shall I do? I hurt the rainbow's feelings,' one of the boys said miserably.

‘It's my fault too,' the other boy admitted. ‘Let's not argue anymore. Instead, we should ask Number Seven to give the rainbow all its colours back.'

Number Seven listened to ...



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