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Nancy's Apple Party

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It was fall and Nancy's mom wanted her daughter to know her classmates better before school. She arranged an apple partly in the neighborhood block and invited all the other kids to the party. The apple party designed by Nancy's mother was not like other parties. This party was full of fun and excitement for the kids and also for their parents. A few funny and interesting contests were organized and John, Katie, Michael and many others participated and won gifts. Some of the most interesting contests were the apple-eating race, apple quiz and more.

In the apple-eating race, the kids were divided into groups of 3 and teams were formed. Then apples were made to hand using strings and the kids had to eat the apples without using their hands. The team with the least apples left in the strings would win the game and Katie's team won the contest. By doing this, the kids learnt that apples are tasty and healthy.

Michael won the apple quiz because he gave the best presentation about apple. He took his mom's help to learn the actions and explain that apples are very healthy and should be eaten everyday. Michael enacted like a sick person who goes to a doctor to get himself treated. The doctor tells him that prevention is always better than cure and that an apple a day can keep the doctors away.

All the kids were also made to wear apple masks and were asked to recognize other kids by calling their names. The whole activity was intended to makes all the kids aware that apples are very important to keep oneself fit and active.

John won the drawing contest for making a very beautiful picture of an apple and filling it with appropriate colors.

All the kids learnt that apples are very helpful to keep a person strong and healthy. They also understood that eating apple everyday is very important to keep diseases away.


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