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Testimonial about kind booksI have a young daughter who my wife and I do our best with when it comes to making healthy food choices for her. There are a lot of unhealthy choices out there and even more bad influences teaching our children poor nutritional habits. There aren't enough positive resources available to help parents educate their children about how to make healthy food choices and why they should! To find a book like this one feels like a MIRACLE! This book brilliantly introduces fruits in fairy-tale like stories that holds my daughters attention the entire time (mine too!) And at the same time the author is giving my child an education on healthy eating through these entertaining stories, games and recipes. A highly recommended resource that every parent should have for raising children in today's unhealthy society.
(Tim Tierney Author, "The Personal Training Sales Education Textbook")

Testimonial from publisher from UKAs a parent I was amazed at the pedagogy behind the books, one which I feel is lost in much of mainstream education here in the West because of all the 'bîő ticking' that occurs. In editing this book I have been careful not to lose any of the wisdom inherent in the stories.
(Colin Shearing, Publishers UK Ltd, England)

Testimonial about book for kids from Badi Publishing CorporationAbout this work, one of our reviewers wrote the following:
"It is masterful, meaningful, most original,
as well as absolutely delightful."
(Tom Viator, Badi Publishing Corporation, USA)


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Buy Funny VegetablesThis was fragment from the story about BANANA from the book on Healthy Food for kids: 'The World of Fruits', part I >>

For the Book II 'The World of Vegetables' visit project Talking Veggies:

For anyone interested in their child's well-being, “The Storyteller's Guide to Health” series is sure to be of value. Following each selection of delightful stories, games and activities you'll also find recipes for the vitamin-conscious kitchen. The recipes are simple, allowing children to prepare dishes themselves with only minimal supervision, and are also designed to preserve the largest possible share of vitamins and other nutrients in the final serving. Read fragments from our stories: fruits for children

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Stories about fruits from the book World of Fruits for kids
Story for kids: Cherry bride Cherry Bride
Fairytale Apple Tree Princess Apple-Tree Princess
Story for kids about grapes Amazing Grapes
Story for kids about pear A Pear for Penny
Story for kids about plum Plum Brothers
Story for kids: Apricot Apricots & Clever Starling
Story for kids about citrus: Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons Citrus Kingdom
Story for children Banana Lunch Banana Lunch
Story for children: Fig Fig: 1st Fruit on Earth
Story for kids: Pineapple Miraculous Pineapple
Guava: nursery rhymes, story Feijoa: Gifts of the Sea
Story for kids: Pesimmon Legend of Persimmon
Story for kids: Pomegranats Pomegranats & Wise Man
Story for kids: Peachers Pot and Peach Pit
Story for kids: Quince Wise Quince Jam
Story for kids: Melon Melon of Happiness
Clever funny watermelon Watermelon's Journey
Story for children Kiwi Kiwi from New Zealand
Story for kids: Dates Dates: Vitamin Sweets
Story for kids: Healthy recipes with fruit Healthy Recipes
Nursery rhymes about fruits: funny fruits Nursery Rhymes

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