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Fruit Stories & Recipes for kids

Amusing fruit stories, tasks, illustation & games

from book World of Fruits


The Cherry Bride (story)
The Miracle Orchard (story)
Toast with Cherries
Cherry Balls

The Apple-Tree Princess (story)
The Wild Apple Tree (story)
Apples and Roses (story)
Quick Baked Apples
Apples in a “Shawl”
Apples with Cottage Cheese and Lemon
Vitamin Salad

The Amazing Grapevines (story)
A Dangerous Potion (story)
Freshness Salad
Cottage Cheese with Grapes

A Pear for Penny (story)
The Wise Pear (story)
Pear in currant puree
Pears with mountain cranberries

The Plum Brothers (story)
Sugared plums
Plum loaf

The Vitamin Piggy Bank (story)
The Apricots and The Clever Starling (story)
Dried fruit balls
Fruit souffle made of peaches, apricots, and bananas

Bitter and Sweet Oranges (story)
The Citrus Kingdom (story)
Vitamin C (story)
The Wonderful Grapefruit (story)
Honey orange
Stuffed lemons

The Banana Lunch (story)
“Winter’s kiss” salad
Baked bananas

The First Fruit of The Earth (story)
Cough medicine
Fig bread

Miraculous Pineapple (story)
Fruit Salad
Cheese Cake with pineapples and apples

Gifts of the Sea (story)
Beetroot and guava salad
Guava and nut compote

The Bitter Sharon Fruit (story)
Orange salad
Sharon fruit and banana caviar

Pomegranate and the Wise Man (story)
“Traffic light” salad
Pear and pomegranate dessert

Story: The Pot and the Peach Pit (story)
Fruit soup
Cheese souffle with peaches

Story: Quince Jam (story)
Quince marmalade
Spicy salad

The Melon of Happiness (story)
Melon nectar
Melon sweets

The Watermelon’s Journey (story)
Watermelon salad
Watermelon juice

The Symbol of New Zealand (story)
Exotic salad
Kiwi salad with pomegranate seeds

The Vitamin Sweets (story)
Magic sweets
Date dessert


Talking Banana: listen online


Book about healthy food for kids: World of Fruits
The World of Fruits:
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'Pomegranate & wise man'Fruit story rhymes Pomegranate and wise man
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Story for kids: Cherry bride Cherry Bride
Fairytale Apple Tree Princess Apple-Tree Princess
Story for kids about grapes Amazing Grapes
Story for kids about pear A Pear for Penny
Story for kids about plum Plum Brothers
Story for kids: Apricot Apricots & Clever Starling
Story for kids about citrus: Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons Citrus Kingdom
Story for kids about citrus: Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons Citrus: Interactional Scene
Story for children Banana Lunch Banana Lunch
Story for children: Fig Fig: irst Fruit on Earth
Story for kids: Pineapple Miraculous Pineapple
Guava: nursery rhymes, story Guava: Gifts of the Sea
Story for kids: Persimmon Legend of Persimmon
Story for kids: Pomegranats Pomegranats & Wise Man
Story for kids: Peachers Pot and Peach Pit
Story for kids: Quince Wise Quince Jam
Story for kids: Melon Melon of Happiness
Clever funny watermelon Watermelon's Journey
Story for children Kiwi Kiwi from New Zealand
Story for kids: Dates Dates: Vitamin Sweets
Story for kids: Healthy recipes with fruit Healthy Recipes
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