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'The World of Fruits'
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World of Vegetables
Talking vegetables

Book for children 'World of vegetables':
Talking funny veggies.
An innovative approach on 'How to implement Healthy Diet Ideas into our daily life'.

200 Games
200 Creative games for children

Book for children '200 Games':
Inspirational Games are aimed to develope in kids positive qualities such as kindness, honesty and friendliness.

Magic Mathematics
Magic Mathematics : series for kids

Series of books on mathematics for children: numbers & counting, addition & subtraction, time tables & multiplications in funny stories, poems, games & colouring pages

Beauty of Nature
Healing resources in children book The Beauty of Nature

Ecology for kids in
'Beauty of Nature':
entertaining stories, creative tasks, colour in illustrations & enviromental poems on HOW beautiful & valuable Nature's Gifts are.

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About the Authors of

project Talking Fruits and Vegetables

& Mathematics for kids

Authors of children's booksAlexandra Lopatina and Maria Skrebtsova
are the authors of 85 children's books
(more than 1,200 000 thousand copies sold),
which have been published since 1995 in Russia,
are happy to share their experience & tips with parents & educators
& to introduce you to some
of their books in English:

1. Nature through the Eyes of the Soul
2. The Wisdom Alphabet
3. Kindness in Mathematics (I, II, III)
4. The Magic World of Music
5. The Fairy-Land of Color and Paintings
6. The Mysteries in Professions
7. Trees Decorate the World
8. Fairy-tale stories about fruit and vegs. (Healthy Food for kids & adults)
9. The Beginning of Wisdom and the Steps of Wisdom
10. My Family
11. Wise Short Stories
12. The Most Important


Abstract Gallery online of the author of educational project Kind Book:
Abstract Artworks by Maria Skrebtsova >>


Read fruit story about pomegranate:
'Pomegranate & wise man' Fruit story rhymes Pomegranate and wise man
Read our story about fruit: 'Watermelon's Journey'
Fairytale fruit wondertale: Watermelon journey: read online
purchase book for kids 'The World of Fruits' >>


Unique approach to healthy food

Book for kids fruits for kids: World of Fruits- Try to introduce kids to healthy food fairtytales, talking fruits & vegetables online. Entertaining stories from the books 'The World of Fruits' and 'The World of Vegetables' can serve as bed-time stories for many years to come.

- Visit our fruit stories online, one by one, listen to nursery rhymes indeed, every child will love creative animated characters with fruitty features.

- Recite with your kids healthy food rhymes, play scenes from healthy stories at home, color in pictures.

- Organise healthy celebratraions, like 'Juice day', 'Fruit rhymes prizes' etc.

All these will help to create strong 'friendhsip' between your kids and Nature's gifts. Nowonder - vegetables' and fruits' characters will entertain your whole family! Not just kids, but even grown up will learn to appreciate healthy food much more.

The most important in this entertaining methodology - 'Fruits and Veggies - Fun and Health" - to show to kids that Nature's Gifts can make them happy, can entertain and at the same time satisfy their hunger, taste good and 'play good' and can even heal.

Ideally, healthy ideas and fruit-vegetable's menu should be introduced to a child at a very tender age of 2 - 3. Later in life, these healthy habits will assist them to avoid many unpleasant problems, such as flu, extra weight, digestion-related problems etc.

vegetables for all

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Story for kids: Apricot Apricots & Clever Starling
Story for kids about citrus: Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons Citrus Kingdom
Story for kids about citrus: Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons Citrus: Interactional Scene
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