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A healthy directory from the fairy realm

The stories about honey, nuts and chocolate




Honey contains almost all microcells that by its structure ARE SIMILAR TO plasma of human blood!

"Though honey is from a moral category, still together with other everlasting values such as gold, silver, diamonds, amber and rose oil, honey too represents standard of timeless and stable value. Moreover, honey is the same exclusive and unique as the bee is.”
(Vladimir Soloukhin)






  • How the bee grows (Childhood of a bee)
  • The young bee
  • The first flight
  • Feeding the bee-kids
  • The first gathering
  • Bee s' enemies
  • Honey ballerinas
  • Golden Wonder and a Sun Beam
  • Golden Wonder and a Girl
  • Bees and drones
  • How long the bees live



  • How man made friends with bees
  • Who is cleverer?
  • The new house
  • Bees and winter
  • Bees' hospital


Recipes of health

  • Honey with onions
  • Honey with orange
  • Honey sauce
  • Dairy-honey cocktail
  • Cheese dessert with honey
  • Honey with apple vinegar
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers in honey
  • Salad "Eastern Fairyland"



Entertaining and informative fairy tales on fruit, vegs, honey, nuts, cereal, porridge, berries etc.Huge larva bee hardly could fit in wax 6-edges wax room. He stretched in all his length and asked the bee, who was closing room with wax lead:

— Dear aunty, won't you give me some porridge from honey and ambrosia?

— You drank milk for 3 days; eat the porridge for 6 days so you have grown good enough – now it's time for you to turn into a bee.

— Oh, I am afraid, what will happened with me, - whispered tiny larva.

- Calm down and listen to my fairy tale, - answered the aunt-bee.

-  There are fluffy birdies. They like to fly to the meadows and collect flowers' gifts: golden nectar - into shining trunks, fragrant pollen – in their tiny bag. All these gifts they are taking to their Fairy-looking tower that is neither low nor high. In the tower there are 40,000 birdies – big-eyed sisters. They mould tiny wax houses, bringing up their kids, clean and tidying up, turning nectar into honey and treat people with this honey. The Queen-uterus rules in this tower and glorifies the bees' kin (clan).

She walks along the wax streets looking for en empty cells – as soon as she finds one, she puts an egg there. Each day – 2 thousands tiny eggs for future fluffy sisters. Only tricky drones don't want to work – all the day they are just buzzing and eating honey!”

Suddenly aunt-bee stopped her story, closing up the last hole.

- Aunty, aunty, I don't want to turn into a drone, - murmured larva.

- Well, without drones there won't be bee eggs and any grubs . Do you know that w hen the egg is 3 days old, it hatches into a new larval bee ? And as for the drones – they really don't like to overload themselves ! In fact, they do something important only once a year - when they give their seeds to the Queen. The rest of the time they just idle and eat honey, - grinned aunt bee has and added:

- Don't worry, you will be a worker bee. We feed drones one day more and we build for them bigger cells than for others.

- But how can I be a worker bee? They can do so many things: collect nectar, prepare honey, extract wax, build honeycombs, make pollen from ambrosia and feed their kids. While I can do nothing of this, - tiny bee began to worry.

- You will learn everything in its due time. And for now all you have to do – weave a cocoon around you and turn into pupae. Then in twelve days you will get out, and we will meet again, - calmed the aunt-bee this tiny larva.

- How I shall find you among thousand others bees?

- My name is Djuja. Actually we, bees, always recognize each other by smell.

- Dear Aunty, thank you, you fed me so tasty, - exclaimed the larva, parting.

- Welcome. In fact your thanks deserved 10 thousand bees, who fed you every minute. Do you really think that I could, all by myself, bring up such a huge larva like you from that small egg? - said aunt bee and went to attend other work.


Questions and tasks to the fairy tale:

- List different bee's tasks which you have learned from this fairy tale.

- With what aunt Djuja fed the larva?

- How many days larva needs to turn into a bee? What she eats during this time?

- Could a beehive exist without the drone?

- How bees recognize each other?

- Divide children into pairs. One child in pair represents a drone, another - the working bee. Children conduct a dialogue about who of them is more important for a beehive.






- My dear Golden Wonder, you, probably, got hungry? – the young bee heard a familiar voice and saw her aunty Djuja who brought delicious honey.

- Thanks, aunty. Congratulate me, our Queen complimented me! – bragged the young bee.

- Oh yes, I can sense it, she presented you the specific scent, - answered Djuja and, rubbing onto Djuja, added, - this scent helps us to learn about the second important bee's quality – vigilance (alertness). Let me tell you a fairy-tale about it.

"Once upon a time, in one far-away Kingdom there were birdies-sisters, who used to collect nectar and preserve honey. The thieves from around thought to themselves, “There is no lock in this bees' house. Thus we easily can enter, take their honey and take it away.

The bees asked their Queen, “Please help us to get rid of these naughty thieves!” The Bee Queen solved this problem and marked all of her bees with special scent.

Since then bee-guards with swords vigilantly protect their House by checking each bee by its smell (scent) and drive away all ‘stranger-bees'.”

- I see, - exclaimed the Golden Wonder, - the native smell helps us to recognize our bees But what will happen if suddenly a stranger bee will lose the way and comes to us for a night? Will we refuse in hospitability and drive her away?

- Certainly, we won't refuse, we will let her in if she comes with nectar and will ask us politely. But a good bee always finds way home if she knows the third bees quality - attentiveness. By the way, it is time for you to learn it. Follow me, - replied Djuja and flew towards the exit of their beehive.

The Golden Wonder has followed Djuja. When she left the beehive, the friendly breeze has lifted her up to the blue sky where she met pinkish-white fragrant clouds of blossoming apple-trees.

- Golden Wonder! Golden Wonder! – rang the solar beams.

- Golden Wonder! It is your first flight, your first joy! Look closely around and try to remember all so that you will never lose your house, - warned Djuja. But the young bee wasn't needed in warnings. At instance, once and for the rest of her life Golden Wonder remembered a glorious picture of beautiful morning in blossoming apple garden.




Questions and tasks to the fairy tale:

- Describe the first days in the life of Golden Wonder. What did she do?

- What quality, in your opinion, are the most important for bees, and why?

- Why bees protect their Queen Bee?

- How many Queens in one beehive? (A: Only one).

- What quality is the most important for the Bee Queen?

- How the bee larva should be fed so that a Queen bee would be born from her?

(A: A queen bee fed only with royal jelly).



Questions and tasks to a fairy tale:

- What qualities, in your opinion, are necessary to bees?

- Think up a fairy tale on one small bee that could not find way back to her beehive.

- Draw bees' guards with swords. What quality should possess a good guard?



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